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Stop Payment Fraud with Kount

Stop Payment Fraud with Kount Fraud Detection Software

As cyber crime evolves, the size, speed and sophistication of online fraud and fraud networks makes uncovering fraudsters more difficult. New methods of purchasing such as mobile devices and alternative payments (PayPal, Apple Pay, Bitcoin, gift cards, virtual currency, etc.) add to the complexity.

Static data of the past, like AVS, CVV, IP and device ID lookups are no longer sufficient to detect and prevent fraud. Kount employs multiple techniques and proprietary technologies to expose fraudsters and prevent fraudulent transactions in real time, before losses occur.

All-in-one Solution

Kount uses patented technologies that can help detect fraud the very first time it appears. The Kount platform reviews each transaction and returns a risk assessment in an average of just 300 milliseconds. Kount can quickly determine if the user is a customer or a fraudster by reviewing:

  • Proxy piercing to reveal the true location of a fraudster
  • Persona linking technology to identify key characteristics with each transaction
  • A comprehensive risk score for a complete analysis of fraud
  • Multi-layer device ID to help identify good customers and fraudsters
  • Customized rules to match the unique needs of your business
  • Automated, real-time use of identity verification tools

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“The pricing and value we get from Kount is totally worth it. We avoided about $103,000 in chargeback fees and fines, as well as lost / stolen merchandise. You’re going to want to go with Kount.”
Kari Bernardo
E-Commerce Risk Manager
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Our website was built on an ecommerce platform (i.e., Magento, Oracle ATG, Demandware, etc.). Does Kount work in that environment?
Yes. Kount works with dozens of ecommerce and shopping cart platforms. It is easy to integrate and can be up and running quickly.
We offer a “free trial” download version of our software and see a lot of card testing that results in upset customers and chargebacks, can Kount help stop this?
Yes. Kount’s technology would let you know that the visitor is not a legitimate customer before they can be approved for a download.
We use an affiliate network to drive traffic and sales and we see a lot of chargebacks as a result, what does Kount do for retailers using an affiliate channel?
We understand the affiliate channel better than any other fraud platform. We work with some of the largest affiliate networks in the world, reducing chargebacks and helping retailers determine good orders from bad orders before they damage your revenue stream.
We use a virtual currency inside our store. Will Kount work with that?
Yes. We work with any payment type, method, device or location. Kount gives retailers everything they need to reduce fraud and increase sale revenue potential.
How difficult is it to implement Kount on my site? I don’t have IT resources.
Kount was developed to be simple to install and simple to use. Most installations take only a few phone appointments to set up the information, test it and certify the results. We have implemented Kount in as little as 60 minutes.