Bad Guys


Fraud Manager: Glen, what’s the story with these gentlemen? Hello.

Glen: In order to reduce our online chargebacks, we’re tapping into the fraud element. Nobody knows bad guys like these guys. You feeling what I’m slinging G-Hop?

G-Hop: C**kie Cr**mble

Glen: Mister Scary Mask? Filthy Steve? The homies are gonna tap into our network, keep an eye out for any shady orders. I got a good feeling.

Fraud Manager: Or we could choose Kount – stop fraudsters cold with leading-edge machine learning, order linking and real-time decisions to cut losses and increase revenue, all within 300 milliseconds. Wait a second, is that my desk lamp? That’s my mouse. That’s my ficus.

Glen: This isn’t my machine. Gangsta!


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