Dwarf Nebula


Fraud Manager: Next up I think Cage has an item for review?

Cage: Our online fraud expenses have been escalating. So what’s the perfect solution?

Max: Firing you.

Cage: Frightening fraudsters away! So, we get our shoppers to step up to the plate with a series of tests. Megan.

Rachel: It’s Rachel.

Cage: Here, every shopper types in simple characters, answers a question, and clicks the correct image. Can you identify the Dwarf Nebula Max?

Max: I’m looking at him right now.

Fraud Manager: What if instead of making our shopper’s experience more difficult, we simply sharpen our fraud-prevention strategy by getting Kount. Then we can accept way more valid orders and boost sales while reducing fraud losses and avoid punishing our customers.

Cage: Touchdown team.

Max: Thanks coach, I’m gonna go hit the showers.


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