How do you give customers a smooth digital experience, maintain engagement and maximize conversions while protecting your company from fraud losses? It is a delicate balance of priorities, but introducing friction or additional authentication into account creations, logins or checkouts can degrade eCommerce UX and push customers away. Fortunately, technology exists to give you certainty in every digital interaction while delighting customers.

Video Transcript

Fraud Manager: Next up I think Cage has an item for review?
Cage: Our online fraud expenses have been escalating. So what’s the perfect solution?
Max: Firing you.
Cage: Frightening fraudsters away! So, we get our shoppers to step up to the plate with a series of tests. Megan.
Rachel: It’s Rachel.
Cage: Here, every shopper types in simple characters, answers a question, and clicks the correct image. Can you identify the Dwarf Nebula Max?
Max: I’m looking at him right now.
Fraud Manager: What if instead of making our shopper’s experience more difficult, we simply sharpen our fraud-prevention strategy by getting Kount. Then we can accept way more valid orders and boost sales while reducing fraud losses and avoid punishing our customers.
Cage: Touchdown team.
Max: Thanks coach, I’m gonna go hit the showers.

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