Episode 23 “How to Strengthen the Digital Customer Journey”
The power of the digital customer journey is extraordinary. Brands have the opportunity to be part of consumer online habits and rituals. By providing brand value in the right way, companies convert customers into lifelong fans, and brand ambassadors. As brands utilize Kount’s enterprise fraud detection solution, they strike the correct balance – thwarting criminal fraudsters and abusive customers, while creating less friction for good customers. It is all about amplifying revenue while reducing fraud by allowing brand ambassadors to have the best user experience possible. Be a strategic part of the digital transformation by protecting and building the customer journey.

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Video Transcript

Rich Stuppy: The power of the digital customer journey is having the opportunity of being closer than you have been able to be to your customer. Understanding things about them, and providing brand value that has been impossible to provide in the past. When done right, it can be a game changing experience for the quick service restaurant industry, converting customers into lifelong fans, and brand ambassadors.
Tricia Phillips: Absolutely. There are some fairly conflicting priorities. You've got the desire to have the best customer experience possible, and give this really feature rich app, or website, or cross channel experience. You've got the need to stop fraud, and to protect your franchise from being harmed. You then have to protect accounts. If that account gets taken over, and your good loyal customer finds out that their account was compromised, all their loyalty points went away. You've created a terrible association with your brand with that customer.
Being able to elevate the brand, and protect invisibly is really the hard part. It comes right back to designing from the start that protection. Then every step of the way, and every use case at every interaction point, you have the protections that are there.

Rich Stuppy: The tools and capabilities are all there to make it an option that you don't have to build that all out yourself. You can go to an industry expert like Kount, and have a single platform, all the things that you need, that will both protect the good customer's journey, but also raise the level of understanding inside your organization on how to react to a constantly changing set of threats.
Tricia Phillips: If you can figure out that right balance to say we're going to stop the fraud here, and we're going to create even less friction for those good customers. You're not just reducing fraud. You're also amplifying the revenue. You're allowing those good customers to have an even better experience, and you're being a strategic part of that digital transformation, not just the protector, but also the builder.

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