Karma Master Gary


Fraud Manager: What’s this?

Employee: The future of online fraud detection.

Gary: Oh that one’s good. Okay, I’m feeling that.

Employee: Since we’re trying to cut back on the team’s manual reviews, I’ve attached Karma Master Gary to the network to tap into the good vibes of incoming online orders.

Gary: Yes, she pledged public radio. Oh yes, his profile says, ‘Thought Evangelist’, I like that. Oh no, no, they just bought a crate of hair.

Employee: He’s the perfect solution.

Fraud manager: Or, we could have Kount automated fraud technology do the work for us – reduce our chargebacks, cut our manual reviews, minimize our losses, maximize our order acceptance.

Gary: Wait – someone just became the ‘Pony Princess’?

Pony Princess: Sorry, that’s me.


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