When fraudulent transactions come rolling in, many online retailers make the mistake of clamping down on order acceptance and increasing manual reviews. And no, a whip never belongs in the workplace. There is a better way to maximize conversions while protecting your bottom line from fraud losses.

Video Transcript

SFX: Slapping a hand and screams
Colleague: Hey Jer, what's going on?
Jer: Our online fraud numbers are out of control so I brought in Headmaster Hilga to crack down on our suspicious order acceptance.
SFX: Slapping a hand and screaming
Jer: I like her chutzpah. Watch how she engages Meyers. Wait for it.
SFX: Slapping a hand and screaming
Jer: I can feel our bad transactions numbers drop with each and every click.
Colleague: Yeah, but our sales numbers dropped too. Instead of turning away so many customers, we could get Kount's fraud prevention platform. Pinpoint the real offenders instead of just turning everyone away. Plus, Kount uses next-generation technology like artificial intelligence and machine learning to help separate valid orders from the fraudulent ones, automatically.
Jer: Who's gonna tell Hilga?

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