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Expand your digital revenue channels, enhance customer experience, and reduce false positives with next generation AI-driven fraud prevention and advanced analytics.

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Protecting more than 6,500 businesses worldwide.


Advanced Fraud Prevention

Kount’s patented fraud prevention technology combines device fingerprinting, supervised and unsupervised machine learning, a robust policy and rules engine, business intelligence tools, and a web-based case-management and investigation system.

Payments Fraud Prevention

Learn how Kount prevents digital payment transaction fraud.

New Account Fraud Prevention

Learn how Kount prevents new account creation fraud.

Account Takeover Protection

Learn how Kount protects against account takeovers.






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The Benefits Of Kount’s Solutions

Kount’s unique approach and patented technology creates a multitude of benefits for our clients. Here are a few examples.

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Reduce Chargebacks

Learn how Kount helps reduce chargebacks.

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Reduce Or Eliminate Manually Reviewed Orders

Learn how Kount helps reduce the amount of time spent on manual reviews.

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Reduce Mobile Fraud

Learn how Kount helps to reduce fraud for mobile apps, mobile wallets, and more.

Increase Sales

Learn how Kount helps merchants accept more good orders.

Partner Central
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Partner Central

Kount partners with the world’s largest acquiring banks, payment gateways, e-commerce and technology platforms, and other organizations to provide their merchants with payments fraud prevention, new accounts fraud prevention, and account takeover protection.

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Protecting 6,500+ Leading Brands Worldwide

By partnering with Kount, Yapstone stopped more than $20M in fraudulent transactions in the first ten months.

By deploying Kount, U.S. Polo reduced their chargeback rate by 92%, had a 10 to 1 return on investment, and had higher mobile conversions.

By using Kount, Silver Jeans reduced their chargeback rate by 99% and reopened sales to international buyers.


By using Kount, The Vitamin Shoppe was able to cut product losses by 60% and minimize manual reviews.


By deploying Kount, saw a 14% decrease in declined orders and increased operational efficiency.


By integrating Kount, BlueSnap payments saw a 50% increase in transaction volume and reduced their merchant portfolio chargeback rate 5x.


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How Kount Uses Machine Learning

Fraud prevention using supervised and unsupervised machine learning.

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New Friendly Fraud Solution

Kount Launches New Friendly Fraud Prevention Solution Featuring VMPI.

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