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Kount’s Suite of Machine Learning Fraud Solutions Brings Confidence to Every Transaction

Kount’s patented machine learning technology analyzes transactions to stop fraud and increase revenue for online businesses, merchants, acquiring banks, and payment service providers.

Kount Access – For High-Volume Login, Account Creation, and Affiliate Networks

Kount Access enables companies to identify fraudulent behavior at the login in real-time, before fraudsters can gain entry into your network. Companies experiencing fraud known as “new account creation” fraud or “account takeover” should consider Kount Access.

If your industry, product or service falls into one of these segments, give Kount Access a try.

  • Banking
  • Dating
  • eCommerce Solutions
  • Online Lending
  • Payment Processor
  • Reviews
  • Social Media

Kount Central – For Online Payment Service Providers, Payment Gateways, Acquiring Banks, Ecommerce Platforms, Hosted Pay (Shopping Cart) Pages

Kount Central™ protects payment processors, and their entire merchant portfolio from the devastating effects of fraud, while offering new, value-added services and additional revenue streams. If your organization provides payment or other transaction services for merchants anywhere in the world, Kount Central™ is the comprehensive fraud prevention suite you need.

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Kount AI Services is a unique combination of Kount’s native data, strategically gathered context information from best-in-class providers, machine learning, and skilled professionals, all designed to provide maximum insight about your business.
  • Machine Learning Rules Review
  • Platform Performance Analysis
  • Custom Data Review
  • Data Orchestration Hub™ Analysis
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