JOANN Onboards Seamlessly with Kount

The onboarding process through Kount was very easy...They’ve been very responsive, they’ve been fantastic to work with, the product itself is great. It’ll make your life a lot easier.

Frank Dochat,
Senior Analyst
Asset Protection
JOANN Fabric and Craft Stores
JOANN Fabric and Craft Stores

My name is Frank Dochat. I work at JOANN Fabric and Craft Stores. We are omni-channel led, so that's one of our major initiatives, is having an online presence with our product. Of course with online presence, you're going to have fraud that takes place.

The before picture from our eCommerce fraud detection was getting flat files, putting it into Excel, and then manually reviewing one by one.

Having Kount in place allowed us to set up rules to get the good orders through, stop the bad orders right then and there. It's a very efficient time savings across the board for our team.

The onboarding process through Kount was very, very easy, I would say.

The first kickoff with Kount was basically just getting all the minds together. They're involved in this process so our e-commerce fraud team, our IT team, and then the Kount folks, technical and also front-end side, to make sure that it was going to work for us and how to get that up and running for us in a timely manner that made sense for both parties.

So, our experience with the agent console web training was a call that we had with our team, e-commerce fraud team, and their team on the Kount side, to go over how this actual product works.

The Kount team was very helpful in setting up the rules, and we had the first call where we went through rules and then they're always available. The representative from Kount, just walking through each rule, setting it up to work for the Joann environment. So, we have an individual assigned to us that we can ask any questions. And, we've actually had him utilized to help us with some rules that are set up, kind of take some of that load off of our shoulders. He set it up, and then from there we learned and were able to do it ourselves going forward.

We can trust the Kount system to do its thing and give us what we actually need to be looking at. They've been very responsive, they've been fantastic to work with, the product itself is great. It'll make your life a lot easier.